Aptitude & Multiple Intelligence Test Season – 2


Know Your Aptitude and Multiple Intelligence Season-2

In continuation to the grand success of Know Your Aptitude Season-1 last year, Mahaveer International School will organize Know Your Aptitude & Multiple Intelligence Season-2 on 19 January 2020, Sunday.

REGISTRATIONS for this test are open and students from class I to class X of any school can apply.  [CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE NOW]

What is Aptitude-
Aptitude or inherent talent helps a person to learn to do a particular task easily and quickly. To be specific, one is born with these potentials and it gets reflected because of a person’s early development and experience. While knowledge and skills can be continued to be acquired all throughout one’s life, aptitude, however, is concreted by the age of 14 and it does not alter further with age or education.

Concept of Multiple Intelligence-
The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates human intelligence into specific ‘modalities’, rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. Howard Gardner proposed this model in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner proposed following modalities for human beings-  (Read More about Multiple Intelligence)

1. Musical-Rhythmic
2. Visual-Spatial
3. Verbal-Linguistic
4. Logical-Mathematical
5. Bodily-Kinesthetic
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal
8. Naturalistic

What will be the benefit of this test to my child-
Knowing about Aptitude and Multiple Intelligences of you child will help you in planning the perfect pathway to development and to plan subjects of study and best career. Mahaveer International School has tied up with Maanasdhara to conduct this test. Maanasdhara is pioneer in psychometric testing in India since 2012.

What is the fee for this test-
A nominal fee of INR 50/- only has to be paid. You may pay this fee online during registration using card/net-banking/UPI/Any Wallet. Alternately you may also submit this fee at school registration counter.

Will I get a report-
Yes! You will get a comprehensive report prepared by experienced psychologists of our Test Partner Maanasdhara.

For any query, please call/WhatsApp our helpline at 9627966630.

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