Naresh Kumar

  • We encourage and inculcate a Holistic education- which aims at grooming the child’s physical, emotional, mental, ethical and spiritual personality.
  • We create a conducive atmosphere to instill a sense of self-discipline, positive attitude towards the society and nation, protection, preservation and conservation of flora & fauna and natural resources, rich cultural heritage and social responsibility.
  • We provide the environment where the child learns to be more humane, animals lover, polite, kind honest and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • We shall show through our emotions and actions, deeds and words, what we expect and desire from our child. To create such environment where worries fear and violence do not have any place but patience, happiness, contentment, love & respect for labor, rules & regulations are imbibed and instilled in the psyche of the children.

Thank You. 


Mahaveer International School

3rd Milestone, Pohalli, Sardhana Road

Meerut - Uttar Pradesh

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