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KG Section

Spoken English: With a English Language laboratory, the children are encouraged to speak what is seen or heard with emphasis on correct English pronunciation.

Motor Skills: With isometrics and muscle co-ordinational physical training, writing skills are developed.

Art Work: We have and Art and Craft room for the children. They are trained and guided to use water colours, and shade with pencils.

Excursions and Entertainment: School is fun within and it is fun even outdoors. We periodically give visits to zoos, botanical gardens & cultural site. Our School also arranges cultural events in the school, training our children and encouraging total participation in Fancy Dress competitions, Regional Dance Programmes, Festival Functions, Stage shows, recreational activities, skits, plays and group performances.



Primary Section

We warmly welcome you to the primary section of our school. Our curriculum coupled with a caring and purposeful ethos will ensure that our students will develop the academic and social skills necessary to prepare them for life-long learning. The ultimate aim of the school is to make learning enjoyable and stimulating, in a safe and secure environment. Without feeling the load or burden, our students are cajoled to work hard to achieve results and later make the right choices of subjects for higher studies, and hobbies for a pleasurable recreation. Our qualified academic staff along with the support of specialised teachers along with the help of resource material and computer aided learning, upgraded from time to time, ensure that the educational experiences matches the best in the country.

Secondary & Senior Secondary Section

A warm welcome to the Secondary section of the School. We cater to the needs of students from classes VI to X based on the guidelines of the C.B.S.E. Our educational plan is designed to build on and enhance the skills acquired in the primary school. Special care is taken to empower students to discover and nurture their special talents and passions.Students are trained to appear in various competitions according to their aptitude. Provision for taking various entrance exams is made. Experts and Professionals from various fields- medicine, engineering and commerce- address our students and offer guidelines and provide a stimulus for successfully clearing these exams.